Saturday, March 5, 2011

Check up!

So Skysan went to his 4 month check up on Thursday and he weighed in at 15 lbs 9 oz, 25 inches long! We are finishing of a package of size 1 diapers and on to size 2 already! It seems like we just started size one! We got tons of size 1 packages of diapers for our baby showers and we barely made a dent in them. We have 4 jumbo packages and 2 boxes that we can hopefully exchange for size 2. We went through some of his 6-9 month clothes and discovered that some of them are fitting now and we don't have enough! I can't keep up with this kid! lol I have been extremely blessed though because I have hardly bought any of his clothes, most of them have been given to me from other moms and of course his grandparents spoil him. :) Soon though Skysan will have to share the attention with his little cousin, my brother and sister-in-law found out that they are having a boy! I am so excited for them! My mom and I are visiting them next weekend, I can't wait to see how big Michelle has gotten! She is due July 4th.
Random but I have been noticing that I use exclaimation marks on pretty much every sentence that I write, either here or on facebook. I just can't stop! lol I look my sentences over and try to see if I can limit them but apparently I am just too excited or happy about what I am writing to give them up lol. So sorry if you get annoyed by my !!!!! :).
Starting yesterday I get to take Skysan to work with me every Monday, Tuesday and Friday morning. Friday went pretty well. I think I held him too much though because when I put him down to make someones drink he got a little cranky. The mornings are usually really slow and can feel kind of long so I was happy that my work let me take him with me, it makes it go way fast now!
We have this rocker thing that has toys dangling for him to play with and one of them is an umbrella that you can pull the handle and it sings you a song. Yesterday morning when I was getting ready for work I set Skysan in it and went about my business and heard it play! I was so happy and proud of him that I woke Josh up (it was 6 a.m. hehe) and told him. I asked him if he remembered me telling him later on that day, he didn't. lol Skysan has also been sleeping in his big boy crib in his own room. At first I was kind of scared but he has been doing really good. He still hasn't rolled over yet, which kind of makes me worried, but I think it is because he hates being on his tummy so much. He is doing really good and standing up though. I hold him up of course but he does most of the work!
That's all for my Skysan update! Just a little side note, if you haven't read "Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free" by Nancy Leigh De Moss I strongly suggest reading it. I haven't finished it yet but what I have ready has seriously changed my perspective on life. REALLY really good :) Anyway, thats all for now! Have a good weekend!
Love, Stephanie