Saturday, March 5, 2011

Check up!

So Skysan went to his 4 month check up on Thursday and he weighed in at 15 lbs 9 oz, 25 inches long! We are finishing of a package of size 1 diapers and on to size 2 already! It seems like we just started size one! We got tons of size 1 packages of diapers for our baby showers and we barely made a dent in them. We have 4 jumbo packages and 2 boxes that we can hopefully exchange for size 2. We went through some of his 6-9 month clothes and discovered that some of them are fitting now and we don't have enough! I can't keep up with this kid! lol I have been extremely blessed though because I have hardly bought any of his clothes, most of them have been given to me from other moms and of course his grandparents spoil him. :) Soon though Skysan will have to share the attention with his little cousin, my brother and sister-in-law found out that they are having a boy! I am so excited for them! My mom and I are visiting them next weekend, I can't wait to see how big Michelle has gotten! She is due July 4th.
Random but I have been noticing that I use exclaimation marks on pretty much every sentence that I write, either here or on facebook. I just can't stop! lol I look my sentences over and try to see if I can limit them but apparently I am just too excited or happy about what I am writing to give them up lol. So sorry if you get annoyed by my !!!!! :).
Starting yesterday I get to take Skysan to work with me every Monday, Tuesday and Friday morning. Friday went pretty well. I think I held him too much though because when I put him down to make someones drink he got a little cranky. The mornings are usually really slow and can feel kind of long so I was happy that my work let me take him with me, it makes it go way fast now!
We have this rocker thing that has toys dangling for him to play with and one of them is an umbrella that you can pull the handle and it sings you a song. Yesterday morning when I was getting ready for work I set Skysan in it and went about my business and heard it play! I was so happy and proud of him that I woke Josh up (it was 6 a.m. hehe) and told him. I asked him if he remembered me telling him later on that day, he didn't. lol Skysan has also been sleeping in his big boy crib in his own room. At first I was kind of scared but he has been doing really good. He still hasn't rolled over yet, which kind of makes me worried, but I think it is because he hates being on his tummy so much. He is doing really good and standing up though. I hold him up of course but he does most of the work!
That's all for my Skysan update! Just a little side note, if you haven't read "Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free" by Nancy Leigh De Moss I strongly suggest reading it. I haven't finished it yet but what I have ready has seriously changed my perspective on life. REALLY really good :) Anyway, thats all for now! Have a good weekend!
Love, Stephanie

Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Long Overdue Update

So I am a terrible blogger lol. I thought I would be better about it but I was wrong. Gosh, life has been so crazy! I am so glad we are done with the holidays and moving in to what hopefully is spring soon! This last week has been beauuutiful! Skysan went on his first picnic...and fell asleep :(. But then Saturday we went to the park and he got to go swinging and sliding and go on the teeter-tot. There were a lot of kids there and he was totally focused on them so it was even a challege to get him to look at us but here are some pictures
It's ok to be jealous of my sweet shades haha :)

So Skysan is almost 4 months. At his last check up he was 12 lbs 8 oz. 6 days later we went back to the doctor because he was getting sick and they weighed him again at 13 lbs. 4 oz. He is gaining like crazy! His next appointment is the first of next month and I bet he is over 15 lbs. He is mostly in 3 to 6 months clothes now, some 0 to 3 months still fit but so perfect that any more crazy weight gain or another 1/2 inch and they will be too small. Carrying him in his car seat is sooooo heavy! He can't quite sit up by himself yet so I can't take him out of his car seat for shopping trips and put him in the cart which is a pain. I talked to my friend Holly who has 1 year old next month and she is 18 lbs. Crazy! My 4 month old is almost as big as her 1 year old!
He is trying to learn how to roll over. He is sooo almost there. He gets most of his body all the way over but his arm underneath him gets him stuck. One day I had him playing on his play mat and I left to go do something and when I came back he was facing the opposite way I put him! He tries so hard to roll over that he just ends up scooting himself in circles lol
Also he has developed a habit of sticking his tounge out. At first it was only when he smiled.

But now sometimes he just sticks it out randomly lol

We have gotten him to laugh too! It takes alot of work to do it and sometimes it doesn't work but when he does...oh man I am just so proud and happy that I literally have tears welling in my eyes. He is just the best baby anyone could ever have!

He slept through the night so well last night! He was totally a passed out limp noodle by 9:30 and didn't get up until 4! I stuck the pacifer in his mouth and he fell asleep for almost another hour and then I fed him. Usually he wakes up at about 1 or 2 and I have to feed him and then again at 5:30ish before I go to work. He is sleeping in his big boy crib now. At first it seemed like he was waking up about every 2 hours but all I had to do was put his pacifer back in his mouth but now, as you can see, he is doing much much better. Which means I get to sleep better too! :)
That's it for now! Hopefully I will do better with the blogging thing now that I remember my password haha.
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Long overdue update!

No more baby acne! YAY! I am so relieved it didn't last as long as they said it could. A couple weeks was long enough as it was!

I can't believe Skysan is already almost 2 months! I can't believe even more how much he has changed and grown in 2 months! Here is a comparison from when he was born and today.

Sorry the last photo is blurry, I am not a very good photographer apparently lol. Isn't he turning out to be the cutest little dude you have ever seen though? AH! I just love him to pieces! :) He is smiling and cooing now, it is sooo adorable. It makes your heart melt every time. :)

So his first holiday has passed and it went very well. Most of our family got to see him for the first time. The only time I got to hold my baby was to feed him! So many people wanted to hold him it almost broke into a fight! haha. Christmas is coming up and I am so excited! We got to decorate our house this year, I feel so grown up lol We have a house and a kid and a tree and stockings...and bills haha. We are planning on keeping our new tradition of making gingerbread houses this year. Super pumped! Last year giant gummy worms were attacking mine lol
I am starting back to work in January. I am pretty excited about it. It's nice to get out of the house if only for a few hours and see and chat with more than just my family. Good thing is I don't have to take Skysan to daycare which was a big concern of ours. I will be working only a few hours each night while my mom babysits. She is ecstatic of course :) 

Well that is it for now! :) Have a fabulous Christmas!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baby Acne.... :(

I don't think I have ever heard of baby acne and definitely have never seen baby acne until my poor baby got it about 2 weeks ago. It got soooo bad! His face was literally covered. I didn't even want to take him out in public! I felt like anyone who looked at his face is thinking "why doesn't his mother do something about that?" and "what and ugly baby!" I just felt like a bad mother. I looked it up to see if there was anything I could do and if I could have prevented it and there was nothing I could do. NOTHING! It also said it could last up to 6 months! I feel so helpless! Thankfully it has gotten a little better these last couple days.

On a better note...Skysan is 1 month officially today! I don't feel like it has been that long! Josh and I were talking about it tonight, time is going to go by so fast! One blink and he will be all grown up! :( You can already tell he is growing up. He is more alert and actually looks at you and follows toys or your voice. He even tries to grab things! He is so strong too! When he is on his tummy or being held upright he can hold up his head for quite some time! Also his kicking skills are intense when he is mad lol. He has been sleeping through the night too. The first night was last week and since this weekend pretty much every night he has been sleeping all night! It has been so nice not to have to get up in the middle of the night.

I am so ready for the holidays! I can't wait to experience our first Christmas as a married couple with our families and also Skysan's first Christmas! We just put our tree up tonight. Josh's mom's coworker gave us a 6 foot pre-lit tree. We are so excited to decorate it! Both of our mom's are giving us some of our childhood ornaments to decorate with. Last year we didn't have a tree so we made one out of paper lol cheesy, but fun!
For Thanksgiving, last weekend we spent time with Josh's family, his Mom, siblings, Grammy, and 2 aunts.

We had a wonderful turkey dinner! Also a really long game of Scrabble lol. On Thanksgiving day we are going back up to Josh's parents house and hanging out with his Mom and brother. Then on Saturday a whole bunch of my family is coming down and getting together. I love having multiple Thanksgivings and Christmas'! I can never get enough of family...and food! hehe.

That's it for now! Oh and the pictures that we were getting done aren't done. We went in for the session and Skysan was a little cranky so we didn't get too many good photos so we rescheduled and the photographer got sick and then his baby acne came so now it seems we have to wait on his face to clear up to get some more photos! Here is the 2 that came out
 Have a good Thanksgiving everyone!
Love, Stephanie

Oh and a shout out to Ryan, the amazing diaper changer! Way to bite the bullet and "get er done"! :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun times!

It's crazy how many stories you gather up in a week! It seems like it has been more than just 12 days that I have had my baby Skysan.

Some of the highlights this week:

Going to Wichita with my Mom for our last outing before she went back to work. We went to K-Mart and found some adorable little onsies and a memory book for Skysan. While there I experienced my first time changing Skysan's diaper in the public restrooms...not so pleasant...I am pretty sure anyone who came in there thought I was torturing my poor baby lol. Also we went to Target and Skysan dropped BOTH his binkies on the nasty floor and we were looking for pacifier wipes and couldn't find any so we opened these "boogie" wipes in a hurry so we could wipe them off and get him to stop crying. Later we found the pacifier wipes...go figure lol. Then Skysan was getting hungry so I got out a bottle to feed him finding out that I didn't have the right nipple to the bottle but still tried to use it, and it would have worked...if I wouldn't have dropped the bottle on the floor...Poor Target guy that had to clean up that mess...Over all it was a great day though, lots of laughs :)

We found out that my brother and sister-in-law are expecting! Yay! Now Skysan is going to have a little cousin!

Skysan's umbilical cord fell off...I was changing his diaper in bed and noticed it wasn't there anymore...and couldn't find it...yea I found it later in bed...grooosssss....

One morning I was changing Skysan's diaper, half asleep, and forgot to cover his little manhood lol (for those of you who don't know little boys like to pee as soon as you open their diaper) he ended up peeing on his face haha

Today we got to go see daddy at work! He was so proud to show him off  :) And I got a super delish cherry limeade!

Some cute/weird things I have noticed about Skysan:

On both ears he has this dark patch of hair...He might be part gorilla...He gets that from his uncle Marc!

He has a rat tail...seriously, there is a patch of thick long hair on back of his neck!

He only smiles in his sleep and only for a few seconds. Sometimes his eyes roll in the back of his head and hee smiles at the same's really creepy..but somehow cute at the same time lol

He loves to suck...on everything! I need to get the picture downloaded but for some reason Josh decided to see if he would suck on his nose and he did! lol It really is hilarious to see lol

I think that is it for now, he is getting his pictures done tomorrow! I can't wait to share with you all!
With love,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A brand new life...

Skysan Robert David Singer was born at 12:33 a.m. on October 27th, 2010. His first name his daddy made up and the two middle names are after both of his grandpas. He was 6 pounds and 8 ounces and 20 inches long.

BEST MOMENT IN MY LIFE. I can't even describe how amazing it was to hold my very own son for the first time. I felt like I was in a dream, like this couldn't possibly be my child I am holding..he couldn't have been that strange object wiggling in my tummy for 9 months.

Ok so here's the story.
I had a doctors appointment on Tuesday, and for the last month or so of my pregnancy my blood pressure was pretty high..well at that doctors appointment it ended up being the highest it had ever been and since I was already 40 weeks and 1 day they decided it was a good idea to induce me. I was a frantic mess. I knew I was going to have the baby soon obviously but I didn't know it was going to be like...NOW. Thankfully I was prepared anyway and had our bags packed and car seat ready and went to Josh's parents house to get our stuff and go to the hospital.

My dad works in Wichita so he came as soon as he got the news so it was Josh, my dad and me and my mom was on her way from Anthony. So I get checked in and go to my room and get in my gown...completely naked under there...with my dad and my husband staring at me...awkward...then Josh decided to take pictures of me!...super awkward. haha.

Anyways so they start drugging me up and I held up for a good part of the labor, I didn't want to get an epidural (don't ask me why...) but ended up getting it after a few hours of the worst pain in my life. Seriously...I knew it was going to be bad but daaaang. It hurt. lol. Josh was such a good support. I felt so bad for him because he gave me his hands to squeeze and I did not hold back...I totally made marks....and possibly bruises lol. What a good hubby :) When it was time to start pushing all I remember thinking was "holy crap I am going to push out a baby, this is really happening...holy crap, holy crap, holy crap!" When they laid him on my chest all I could do was just stare at him and cry. He was so unbelievably beautiful. And he was all mine! I just couldn't believe it.

We had to stay in the hospital until Friday to make sure his blood work came back ok and it did! We got a beautiful healthy baby :).

Our first diaper changing didn't go as well as I planned...I got poopy on my hand and freaked out a little lol. It still makes me nervous to change his diaper because I hate to hear him cry. He doesn't cry all the time but when he does it just breaks my heart.

When we came home Friday night we were welcomed by tons of balloons tied to our front and back door that my grandparents put up. We got about 30 minutes settled in and my parents came over and then my sister in law and her brother came over to see our little buddy. I was soooo tired and a little uncomfortable from the ride home.

My awesome mom took a week off of work to be with me for this first week home and I am soooo thankful. Monday when she came our house looked like a disaster! And we didn't have any food in the house lol I got to take a long hot shower while she cleaned up a little and then we went grocery shopping and planned out meals for the next 2 weeks. Busy busy! But I was so glad to have things in place and back to normalish. Today my grandma and brothers came by for lunch, Marc was sweet enough to bring baked potato pizza and bread treats from Kristy's! Yum! It was so good to see Kenny for a little bit. I think seeing Skysan made him wanna make a little one of his own :)

A few highlights of Skysan's first days of life would be:

His first walk, daddy was super psyched to test drive his new ride :)

His first Halloween costume that his Papa picked out...waaay too big for him lol

His first bath...after he pooped, peed, and spit up on himself pretty much all at one time lol

His first experience dressing up to be a burrito to get his mommy a cheap burrito at Chipotle on Halloween :)

Getting to try out his crib at his Yaya's. This was Josh's crib when he was a baby

His uncle Kenny coming to visit him

This is just one of my favorite pictures. Josh is such a good daddy :) It is just so heart warming to see him with our son!
That is all for now!
With love,