Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun times!

It's crazy how many stories you gather up in a week! It seems like it has been more than just 12 days that I have had my baby Skysan.

Some of the highlights this week:

Going to Wichita with my Mom for our last outing before she went back to work. We went to K-Mart and found some adorable little onsies and a memory book for Skysan. While there I experienced my first time changing Skysan's diaper in the public restrooms...not so pleasant...I am pretty sure anyone who came in there thought I was torturing my poor baby lol. Also we went to Target and Skysan dropped BOTH his binkies on the nasty floor and we were looking for pacifier wipes and couldn't find any so we opened these "boogie" wipes in a hurry so we could wipe them off and get him to stop crying. Later we found the pacifier wipes...go figure lol. Then Skysan was getting hungry so I got out a bottle to feed him finding out that I didn't have the right nipple to the bottle but still tried to use it, and it would have worked...if I wouldn't have dropped the bottle on the floor...Poor Target guy that had to clean up that mess...Over all it was a great day though, lots of laughs :)

We found out that my brother and sister-in-law are expecting! Yay! Now Skysan is going to have a little cousin!

Skysan's umbilical cord fell off...I was changing his diaper in bed and noticed it wasn't there anymore...and couldn't find it...yea I found it later in bed...grooosssss....

One morning I was changing Skysan's diaper, half asleep, and forgot to cover his little manhood lol (for those of you who don't know little boys like to pee as soon as you open their diaper) he ended up peeing on his face haha

Today we got to go see daddy at work! He was so proud to show him off  :) And I got a super delish cherry limeade!

Some cute/weird things I have noticed about Skysan:

On both ears he has this dark patch of hair...He might be part gorilla...He gets that from his uncle Marc!

He has a rat tail...seriously, there is a patch of thick long hair on back of his neck!

He only smiles in his sleep and only for a few seconds. Sometimes his eyes roll in the back of his head and hee smiles at the same's really creepy..but somehow cute at the same time lol

He loves to suck...on everything! I need to get the picture downloaded but for some reason Josh decided to see if he would suck on his nose and he did! lol It really is hilarious to see lol

I think that is it for now, he is getting his pictures done tomorrow! I can't wait to share with you all!
With love,

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  1. I am soooo glad you made the gorilla reference to your brother Marc!! Bahahahah!!