Sunday, December 19, 2010

Long overdue update!

No more baby acne! YAY! I am so relieved it didn't last as long as they said it could. A couple weeks was long enough as it was!

I can't believe Skysan is already almost 2 months! I can't believe even more how much he has changed and grown in 2 months! Here is a comparison from when he was born and today.

Sorry the last photo is blurry, I am not a very good photographer apparently lol. Isn't he turning out to be the cutest little dude you have ever seen though? AH! I just love him to pieces! :) He is smiling and cooing now, it is sooo adorable. It makes your heart melt every time. :)

So his first holiday has passed and it went very well. Most of our family got to see him for the first time. The only time I got to hold my baby was to feed him! So many people wanted to hold him it almost broke into a fight! haha. Christmas is coming up and I am so excited! We got to decorate our house this year, I feel so grown up lol We have a house and a kid and a tree and stockings...and bills haha. We are planning on keeping our new tradition of making gingerbread houses this year. Super pumped! Last year giant gummy worms were attacking mine lol
I am starting back to work in January. I am pretty excited about it. It's nice to get out of the house if only for a few hours and see and chat with more than just my family. Good thing is I don't have to take Skysan to daycare which was a big concern of ours. I will be working only a few hours each night while my mom babysits. She is ecstatic of course :) 

Well that is it for now! :) Have a fabulous Christmas!

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